dry rock garden plants

Full Sun Rock Garden Plants

If you are living in a difficult area with slopes or dry spots landscaping, then a rock garden is the most appropriate option to go with. While you might not be able to create a regular garden because of the natural condition of your living area, you get more unique and beautiful rock garden to enhance the value of your home. Rock garden is usually designed for resembling a natural […]

mature rockery plants

Some Options of Rockery Plants

Having a rockery plant is a great and wonderful idea because it will instantly create a natural look and feeling in your home. A garden with some rocks cover the ground is extremely beautiful. You can see the beauty of the rocks combined with the good smell of the plants. Talking about the plants, there must be some problems in choosing some great rockery plants because not all plants can […]

alpine plants for rockeries

Alpine Plants Which Come As Great Plants

It is known that plants can be found everywhere, including in the mountain range like Alpine which is so cold and dry to grow flowering plants. The plants that can grow in the nature which is dry ahd it have a little rainfall called Alpine Plants. There are many kinds of these plants that you should know since they are very strong as plants which are be able to grow […]

elevated raised garden beds

Building the Raised Garden Beds

First of all you need to know about raised garden, it is a garden where to grow some plants. Raised garden beds are the one term used on the agriculture which means a place for raising a plant. Mostly, the shapes of the beds are small but it could also big. It of course depends on the area or the place where you want to have it. As we all […]

children garden statues

Garden Statues in Many Figures to Enhance The Garden

Nowadays, people do not only make their interior of the house designed beautifully, but also the exterior of their house shoud be designed perfectly. The beauty exterior of a house can be applied in a garden which gives many benefits for those who have it. A beautiful garden should be arranged well to make the whole package of exterior beauty come so beautiful. A garden is not only enhanced by […]